How to distinguish cosmetics fake

How to distinguish cosmetics fake

forge everything that well is on sale. There was habitual the fact that the most part of the clothes repeating models of the known brands is made in the Asian countries. Sometimes it is even favorable, the quality of things happens at the level, and the label sewn from inner side, nobody will see also the price of such products 10 times less the original. Cosmetics – quite another matter. To distinguish fake from original cosmetics can be difficult, but it is worth trying.


  1. Buy cosmetics in the checked shops or drugstores. Of course, the risk that counterfeit cosmetics will get on the shelves is, but it is much lower, than in the market or in transition. In shops there have to be certificates confirming quality of products and its originality.
  2. Attentively read the name on packing. Often happens that producers of counterfeit cosmetics change only one letter in the original name. At first sight such intended typo is not evident, but it protects unfair producers from legal problems so in case of troubles only you will be guilty.
  3. Pay attention to appearance of packing. It has to be qualitative and accurate. The put text has to be read well, there should not be smudges of glue, indistinct letters or other defects anywhere. Make sure that on packing are specified: structure, method of application, date of production and period of storage.
  4. Sensibly estimate cosmetics cost. On original cosmetics there can be discounts, it is quite natural. But here the total cost of elite cosmetics is twice lower from the usual price - it is already obvious fake. You do not pursue low cost – treatment of consequences after use of low-quality counterfeit cosmetics will be much more more expensive.
  5. Upon purchase of natural cosmetics specify terms of its storage. The ingredients which are part of natural cosmetics quickly enough spoil. If the period of storage is stated too big (over two-three months), it means that as a part of cosmetic chemical preservatives contain.
  6. If there is opportunity, estimate cosmetic smell. Cosmetics has to have pleasant aroma or not have smell at all. Cheap fragrances and fragrances signal that means counterfeit. Pay attention to texture of means. It has to be uniform, without lumps, clots and foreign debris.
  7. Use testers and check reaction of skin to cosmetic use. The gentle site on elbow bend is very sensitive – apply on it a little means and wait several hours. On skin no reddening or irritation should appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team