How to distinguish spirits from fake

How to distinguish spirits from fake

The real branded perfume has pleasant and resistant aroma. In shop it is worth treating the choice of perfumery with certain share of responsibility not to buy cheap fake.

Where it is necessary to buy quality perfumery

Being going to shop behind spirits, it is necessary to remember number of simple rules which will help to distinguish original perfumery from fake. Counterfeit products are not rack at all, can have pungent, unpleasant smell, but at the same time there are such spirits very decently.

It is necessary to buy perfume only in large specialized shops. In the market, in supermarkets and in other similar places it is impossible to choose such products. The most reliable way of purchase - acquisition of perfumery in brand stores. The large perfumery and cosmetic companies sell the products including through network of brand salons. Buying perfume in such places, it is possible to be sure of their original origin.

Now purchase of goods online is popular. Unfortunately, ordering spirits online, it is impossible to be sure of their authenticity. As exception to the rules acquisition of spirits through the official site of the producer can serve.

How to distinguish the original from fake

Staff of perfumery shops assures that it is in most cases quite simple to distinguish original spirits from fake. First of all it is necessary to look at packing attentively. Bottles of branded perfume, as a rule, are packed into cardboard boxes and fitted from above by transparent film. In most cases it is impossible to open box with spirits before purchase commission, but at the same time it is possible to study its appearance attentively. Cardboard of which the box is made has to be dense, qualitative. All inscriptions on packing have to be accurate. Cellophane has to fit packing densely. On it glue traces should not be visible. Branded perfume is always very qualitatively packed. At easy stirring the bottles should not be displaced from the place in boxes. Producers of quality perfumery always place them in special protective inserts. If opportunity to glance in box after all is, it is necessary to estimate quality of production of the bottle. It has to be made of sound glass. On bottle there should not be chips, cracks, scratches. Fragrant liquid has to have uniform shade. At the bottom of bottle there should be no deposit. Having chosen certain spirits in shop, you should not hurry with purchase. It is desirable to study information on them on the official site. It is necessary to remember bottle form, to note presence on packing of branded holograms and also how the name of the producer and the name of perfume is correctly written. Very often unfair sellers expose spirits in which name it is replaced one or several letters on counters. Externally they are similar to the original. Their aroma can bear a strong resemblance to the corresponding branded perfume, but in fact they are low-quality fake. Before perfumery purchase it is always necessary to test aroma on itself. For this purpose there are special testers. Spirits need to be applied to skin and to estimate their firmness and smell several hours later after drawing.

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