How to distinguish the real essential oil from fake

How to distinguish the real essential oil from fake

People have learned to emit fragrant substances from plants still B.C. Essential oils used in cookery, for treatment of diseases, for rejuvenation, applied to embalming of bodies. Aromas were symbol of wealth and were considered as the best gift. The real essential oil very valuable product, it is also necessary to learn to distinguish it from fake.


  1. Pay attention to the label. According to the international standards it should not contain any advertizing. Usually doubtful companies on spill of oils cover poor quality of goods with the bright label. The producers confident in quality of the products give short standard information: "100% essential oil".
  2. Keep in mind that essential oil can be received only from essential oil-bearing plants. The most widespread of them rose, lavender, sage muscat, geranium, peppermint, anise, basil, fennel. If offer you with smellapple essential oil, coco, wild strawberry, linden, lotus, then it is precisely counterfeit as these plants not essential oil-bearing.
  3. Package quality essential oils in bubbles from dark glass usually on 10 ml. Especially valuable oils, such as oil of rose, verbena, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa, spill 1 ml.
  4. Now oils for aromatherapy are on sale. Actually, it is mix of essential oils with alcohol or vegetable and mineral oils. If on the label it is written that this mixed oil, then this product is not falsification. But it is not 100% essential oil.
  5. Oils of large producers are sold at the lowest prices. The small companies buying products from producers cannot sell it at the same prices, and, naturally, is more expensive. If cost same or below, it is worth thinking of quality of such essential oil.
  6. Buy products only in special shops. Often unknown product of local production is on sale in the market under the name of well-known company.
  7. Use of the real essential oils of high quality will improve health and appearance, will lighten the mood. It is the power source and energy presented to us by the nature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team