How to diversify black-and-white manicure

How to diversify black-and-white manicure

Each girl looks after the hands. And the gnawed nails do not add to appearance of hands of esthetics. Therefore fashionistas prefer to do manicure. Classics is black-and-white tone which remain popular from year to year.

Black-and-white manicure will suit you if you work at office with dress code. It is possible to call such manicure universal – then you easily with it can go to party, holiday. It is very beautiful contrast of flowers.

Beautifully manicure with volume molding looks – really festive option turns out. Here only on such contrast all shortcomings of manicure will be visible. Therefore it will be required to process all marigold qualitatively: to remove cuticle, to process rollers, to level surface of plates nail buffer.

Service jacket with such flowers – the phenomenon widespread. It will be suitable for any length, shape of nails. With such manicure you cannot worry about the image – it is suitable both for daily occurrence, and for festivals. Highlight with the most often black color smile zone. And that manicure will turn out more refined and reserved, it is possible to take opaque covering instead of usual top.

If desired it is always simple to add such manicure with rhinestones, spangles, foil, lace, decorative tape. Here everything depends on your imagination – create unique and unique design!

Many women for any reasons go with short nails. Such marigold is practicality and natural beauty. Do not doubt that black color beautifully looks also on such length! If you have short oval marigold, then choose soft lines, square nails will suit geometrical forms. It is possible to make lunar manicure. And caviar manicure will emphasize your identity – your marigold will look as black caviar! For this purpose the small beads of black color reminding by the form berries undertake.

The most important – you can and independently do black-and-white manicure. It is possible to do it also by usual varnishes or shellac. There is so much scope for creativity: you can think up Gothic design, solemn, vanguard. With these flowers it is possible even to create romantic manicure if to decorate the nails gentle white with flowers!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team