How to diversify turquoise manicure

How to diversify turquoise manicure

Now bright manicure is very popular, but also about classics nobody forgets. For example, turquoise manicure is considered classical option of registration of nails for a long time. Skilled workers manage to combine turquoise with various flowers, various elements of decor, the memorable manicure as a result turns out! And it is absolutely optional to visit beauty shops that your marigold has gained new shape!

Classical manicure – covering pastel shade of turquoise. Manicure will look romantically, gently, will approach almost under any style. It should be added, of course, with such manicure the image some accessory of the same color – will be even turquoise bracelet enough! Such classics successfully looks on short nails. At the expense of turquoise manicure your marigold will is visually seem longer. Though on length it looks remarkably. At the same time you can give the form to marigold any. But it is worth proceeding from this what suits your handles more.

It is possible to call turquoise color universal. Different colors, patterns will approach it. You are limited only to the imagination which, of course, is better for not limiting in anything! On turquoise marigold zigzags, circles, lace, strokes, bows, flowers, spider line, geometrical figures, leopard print will beautifully look.

You can decorate turquoise manicure with rhinestones, artificial sand, shimmer, azure spangles – there is a lot of options of decor! It is enough to buy one jar with rhinestones of different flowers and the sizes further to create many surprising brilliant elements on manicure.

Beautifully the gradient in turquoise tones looks. It will be required to buy three varnishes of different turquoise shades. But it is possible to transfer turquoise to black, blue color or even indigotin smoothly. Such options look stylish too. Independently such manicure becomes simply, it is only necessary to be accustomed. You will need soft foam sponge besides varnishes and patience. Try turquoise combinations to blue, blue or with black and indigo. These options will look originally too: turquoise + azure and light blue or saturated green with gentle slightly greenish. Just apply with strips varnishes on sponge, further put to nail! Of course, the gradient becomes also by means of special air brush, but not each skilled worker has it and sponge sometimes it is even simpler. And someone has got skilled at to do smooth transitions and brush.

Beautifully also lunar manicure looks. The hole will be required to be painted over contrast color. In this case turquoise will be combined with black, gold, blue, silver, indigo, brown. masters depict hole differently: it is possible to do it on natural lines or to increase the size in the artificial way to emphasize difference between flowers.

The service jacket with turquoise looks gracefully. Make up nails turquoise varnish, and circle zone of smile classical white. But it is possible and to depart from classics – let smile will be violet, gold or even black! And will not prevent to add service jacket in painted flowers – allocate only with such accents not all marigold.

It is possible to place emphasis only on several marigold. Let go all nails will be turquoise, and allocate several marigold with beautiful patterns, strazika, dust. Dream with the nails, create original, unique manicure, and saturated turquoise color will help you with it!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team