How to do acrylic molding

How to do acrylic molding

Manicurists invent all new and new ways of aiming at marafet hands. In particular, recently has received popularity of the technician of creation on nails of volume acrylic figures and images. Thanks to this equipment of hand can be turned into true piece of art.

It is required to you

  • - acrylic powder;
  • - likvid;
  • - special brush;
  • - plastic capacity;
  • - means for degreasing of nails;
  • - nail gel;
  • - nail file;
  • - colourless varnish;
  • - rhinestones, spangles;
  • - napkin.


1. Prepare nails for the procedure: accurately grind them and process cuticle. Then degrease them by means of special means. It will allow acrylic to lay down on nails more accurately.

2. Choose the drawing which will be applied on nails. It can be executed in floristic subject (to represent leaves, flowers, and fruit). However, it is possible to represent both cats, and hares, and butterflies on nails - everything depends on personal flight of fancy.

3. Accurately dip brush into monomer, wring out it about edge of capacity, and then carry out by her on acrylic powder. As a result on tip of brush the ball having consistence of toothpaste has to be formed. Within minute it has to be used for molding, otherwise weight is threatened by inevitable hardening.

4. By means of brush begin putting acrylic. Represent desirable pattern on nail surface, and then duplicate it on other nails. It is important to observe color balance – try to avoid the "shouting" combinations. Also you remember that even if there is a strong wish to correct not turned out drawing, you should not touch brush by fingers at all. It will lead to its zasalivaniye and will spoil the subsequent work.

5. Then process edges of nail plate by means of abrasive nail file. After that it is possible to apply colourless varnish, rhinestones, or spangles on nail surface. Then it is necessary to set the received result by means of special nail gel.

6. The received result can keep within 2-4 weeks. Then it can be updated and again to go to try to catch delighted and jaundiced eyes.

7. If there is no wish to spend forces and time for inventing of original patterns, then it is possible to sign up for courses of neyl-design or to go to manicure salon. Skilled masters will represent the desirable drawing on nails and will make it quickly and professionally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team