How to do anti-cellulite massage independently

How to do anti-cellulite massage independently

Cellulitis is formed as a result of uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat. Orange-peel is reason for concern of many women. Cellulitis owing to violation of blood circulation and lymph flow is formed, it is possible to restore their normal work by means of special massage which you quite can independently make.


  1. For increase in efficiency of anti-cellulite massage carry out it with use of active agents. For example, with natural honey and radio oils. Mix three tablespoons of honey with ten drops of essential oil of grapefruit. Then apply structure on the parts of the body covered with cellulitis. Carry out massage by method of pats, slowly, so far mix will not thicken at all. The procedure is quite painful, but the effect has tremendous.
  2. You can try massage with use of anti-cellulite cream and the massager (for example, the special wooden massager with ridge rollers). It is better to start massage after acceptance of shower. Apply anti-cellulite cream on body with circular motions. Then carry out the pounding movements on the direction of lymph flow by means of the massager. Finish massage by the easy stroking movements of hands on all body.
  3. It is also possible to carry out anti-cellulite massage, using usual lotion or body cream with addition of several drops of citrus essential oil. Apply cream mix with oils on body. Begin with lungs stroking movements by palms (from area of knees), in process of skin accustoming the massage has to become more intensive. Then take skin between big and index fingers and advance it up hip. Begin the movement with easy pressing and increase it in process of accustoming. It is necessary to finish the shaking movements of palms. It is carried out so: put palms on hip from the different parties and shake their fast movements, without tearing off at the same time hands.
  4. One more fine means for the solution of this problem is the coffee srub. Use coffee of coarse grinding. You can try srub during acceptance of shower. Squeeze out small amount of shower gel on palm, add some coffee, pound in palms and apply mix on body. Carry out the massing movements couple of minutes, then wash away coffee srub cool water. Besides anti-cellulite effect, coffee still has also tonic effect on skin.

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