How to do baths

How to do baths

Leg care is very important. Beautiful well-groomed female legs always draw attention to themselves, however it is not so simple to keep this beauty. Inconvenient footwear, big loadings, work "standing" when it is impossible to sit down for minute – all these factors not in the best way affect beauty of legs. However there is set of good means which will help to keep legs beautiful and well-groomed. One of such means are leg baths.


1. Cleaning vannochkatshchatelno clean feet by means of warm water and soap. On liter of water add tablespoon of salt, sea or cooking, two teaspoons of grain soda. Lower legs in bath and you hold 15-20 minutes. Within ten days repeat the procedure daily, then in two-three days. Instead of salt you can to use liquid soap.

2. The medical vannochkataky bath will help you to cure cold and will act as prophylactic. Fill in tablespoon of flowers of calendula or camomile with boiled water liter, draw half an hour. Make bath approximately for half an hour, then rinse legs warm water.

3. The contrast vannochkataky bath will help at cold too, will help to strengthen immunity, will help to take off fatigue. Pour cold and hot water in two containers. Lower legs alternately in cold, in hot water. Finish the procedure with cold bath.

4. Toning you vannochkavozmit sea salt at the rate of 2 tablespoons on liter of warm water. Dissolve salt in water. Make bath for 15-20 minutes. Rinse legs warm water.

5. Bath from romashkivozmita of 6 tablespoons of flowers of camomile, fill in with two liters of boiled water. Cover and insist hour. Filter infusion. Warm up it. Lower in infusion of leg and you hold until water does not cool down. Apply mix of boric acid with talc on legs.

6. Bath with sodoyvozmita also dissolve 2 teaspoons of soda in liter of hot water, add a little soap shaving. You keep in leg bath, water will not cool down yet. Walk the warmed-up towel. Remove with circular motions callosities on feet and thumbs. Process the most coarsened sites pumice.

7. Bath with sea salt and oil of rosemary warm water add 4-6 drops of oil of rosemary. Part salt tablespoon in the received liquid. Do bath of 10-15 minutes, your legs will become soft, you will feel ease and charge of cheerfulness.

8. Bath with krakhmalomv liter of warm water add 50 ml. pine oil and 50 ml. starch. Lower legs in bath and you hold 20 minutes. Rinse legs warm water and grease with the moisturizing cream.

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