How to do cut manicure

How to do cut manicure

There is a wish that hands always looked attractively. Manicure - one of your hands making appearance. But there is not always time for visit of salon. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve excellent result independently.

It is required to you

  • Nail file, nutritious cream, liquid for varnish removal, orange stick, nippers or scissors for cuticle, capacity for water, sea salt, lemon juice, nutritious oil.


1. Prepare necessary tools. Carefully disinfect special nippers or scissors for cuticle solution of chlorhexidin. In case of cut you will minimize risk of infection of wound.

2. By means of nail file give to nails the desirable form. On skin around nail - cuticle, apply the softening cream.

3. Further it is necessary to prepare hand bath. For this purpose use the convenient capacity, hot water, filler for bath. As filler sea salt will approach. Part 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 1 glass of hot water. Sea salt promotes strengthening of nail plate. Also for bath it is possible to use soap solution. For this purpose dissolve small amount of fragrant shower gel or liquid soap in hot water. It is possible to add several drops of lemon juice to hot water of bath. Such bath bleaches skin of hands, fights against pigmental spots, softens cuticle, facilitating its subsequent removal. If you have the inflamed skin of hands, use camomile broth for bath.

4. After the bath is prepared, it is necessary to remove from ring fingers, to remove old varnish from nails by means of special means. Ship hands in bath, relax. Time of acceptance of bath of 5-10 minutes. After it it is necessary to get wet with hand towel dry.

5. Now it is possible to start cut manicure. Accurately remove cuticle to nail hole by means of orange stick. Do accurate, smooth movements by stick.

6. Having removed cuticle, you can cut off it. In many respects the type of your nails depends on quality of tools therefore try to get products of the well-known companies which have proved. When trimming cuticle you watch the line of cut. The line has to be smooth, continuous. Do not try to cut off deeply cuticle, you can touch living cells and damage nail matrix. When cutting big cuticle there is more norm, be ready that the cuticle will begin to grow quicker, and nails will shortly take untidy form.

7. After you cut off cuticle, apply on it special oil. It has the nutritious and softening properties. In conclusion of cut manicure it is recommended to carry out massage of hands with use of nutritious oil. At observance of these recommendations your hands will always look perfectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team