How to do hair for long hair with bang

How to do hair for long hair with bang

For long hair with bang it is possible to pick up many options of hairstyles. Depending on purpose and weather conditions on the street, it is possible to decorate elegantly flowing hair or to braid them. Beautifully laid bang will be touch-up.

Availability of long hair opens ample opportunities before the choice of daily hairstyle. In turn the bang can become the main accent and set the tone for all image. If you have equal thick bangs, then you will suit the simplest, but the option always remaining in fashion – hair straightening. Ideally equal shiny hairs and bang look attractively without additional jewelry, besides during the day at dry weather they keep initial appearance.

For hairstyles with multilayer gear bang it will be favorable to look volume hairstyle with easy waves. It is possible to wind locks in various ways: on hair curlers, by means of the curling iron or the iron.

Bang in the form of arch, the slanting or extended bang perfectly will add wattled hairstyles. The easiest option is to tie ballet cone, or gulka as it is called still. For this purpose tie tail in the center of nape large elastic band in tone to hair, then twist with it the gulka basis. Fix by hairpins and decorate with bright tape with bow. Lay bang by means of the hair dryer directly or sideways. It is also possible to do hair horse tail, having twisted with lock the basis of high tail from the straightened hair. There are many options of hairstyles with braids which can be made most. 1. Divide hair hair parting on the center of the head. Braid two braids in near-temporal area. Leave small tail, having fixed it by thin elastic band in tone to hair. Fix randomly each braid by means of hairpins. On the center attach beautiful hairpin in the form of bow or flower.2. Make three low weak braids. Wrap them in any bunches, having fixed by hairpins.3. Braid cone from the line of bang large not hard locks. At the line of neck fix by elastic band. Wrap the end under braid and remove outside. Wind free locks on the curling iron and lay out curls bunch, fixing hairpins. Sprinkle hairspray. 4. Comb slightly hair from the line of bang. Collect them by means of elastic band in tail. Over elastic band fingers divide hair in the middle. Stretch tail through the formed opening at the top. Wrap tail several times and fix by invisible beings and hairpins at the basis. Decorate with hairpin.5. Separate lock of hair behind, at once over the line of growth of hair. Divide into four equal locks. Braid from everyone on thin braid. In turn throw each braid through the head through division of hair and bang, fix under hair invisible beings. It will serve as natural rim. For all previous cases as rim it is possible to use tape, bandage, hoop, wreath. Doing any of these hairstyles, level bang by means of the hair dryer or the iron and sprinkle varnish.

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