How to do plait from five locks

How to do plait from five locks

The braid from five locks looks just fantastically, this kind of weaving was brought into fashion by Frenchwomen at the beginning of the 20th century, but also today it remains at the peak of popularity. Having seized simple technology of weaving, it is possible to do this hair independently.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, hairpin.


  1. Before starting weaving of braid from five locks on the hair, it is better to be trained on someone from girlfriends. If hair slightly wavy, then before weaving them it is better to straighten, otherwise the hairstyle can turn out inaccurate. It will be more convenient if you slightly sprinkle hair water or special means, so they will better lay down. At first it is necessary to learn to braid the ordinary spit from five locks, it will allow to move to the following level of skill – weaving of the French braid.
  2. Start weaving, having divided hair into five locks. They have to be approximately identical thickness. Beginning from left to right, take the first lock and enclose it under the second, accurately stretch and impose over the third lock. Now it is necessary to take extreme right lock and the same way to enclose it under next, having accurately stretched, and then – to impose from above on the third lock on the right. It turns out that you repeat the same movements, as with the left locks, only in mirror order.
  3. Now repeat everything again at first: enclose extreme left lock under next and throw over the following lock. After that repeat it in mirror order, since the right side again. By such method it is necessary to continue to braid braid to that length which will suit you. In conclusion fix work as beautiful hairpin or elastic band.
  4. The French braid from five locks is braided the same way, not all hair, and only their front part are divided only into locks. During weaving every time when you take extreme lock, do not forget to take also small part from free hair. The your locks, the more accurately will be thinner and the braid will look more effectively.
  5. The braid from five locks not only is very beautiful, it visually increases the volume of hair, especially if it is executed in the French option. If at the beginning it is not especially convenient to you to braid to itself braid behind, then it is possible to make two separate braids on each side. It not only looks very lovely and is womanly, but also will allow you to get the hand for future experiments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team