How to do wedding make-up

How to do wedding make-up

In the course of preparation for wedding of the bride think of make-up of all some days before the celebration, and it is one of important components of harmonious gentle image. That photos were pleasing to the eye, and the bride did not worry how it looks, it is important to make up correctly on wedding ceremony.


  1. Carefully prepare skin before cosmetics use. After washing wipe face with tonic lotion or ice cubes. Putting day cream for the person and for skin around eyes has to become the following step, on well-groomed skin the make-up lies exactly. The moistening means will be suitable for normal and dry skin and if you have fat type, then you will be helped out by the matting fluid.
  2. Choosing foundation for wedding, give preference to the resistant matting textures in tone of your skin that during the celebration you looked perfectly. Degree of covering of tone has to be natural or translucent, differently the effect of mask on face will be created. The proofreader of green color will help to hide reddenings, and dark circles and swellings around eyes will be easily disguised by concealer with reflective particles. At first apply friable powder, however nevertheless take compact option to correct make-up after embraces, kisses or emergence of greasy luster on skin. Blush has to be gentle, soft. If your skin is inclined to reddening, refuse pink and peach shades in favor of natural beige and golden blush.
  3. For make-up of eyes use waterproof means that they have passed test by tears or suddenly watered rain. You apply shadows on base, it will help them to keep longer. Give preference to the pencil equipment of make-up or light smoky effect as they very much show to advantage on photo and video tape. Select color of shadows or in tone to iris of eyes, or on contrast with it. Remember that the make-up has to emphasize tenderness of the bride therefore refuse dark shades. To draw additional attention to eyes, paste false eyelashes. Do not use for wedding make-up of shadow with spangles as during the photoshoot the flickering parts will give patches of light. Also you put pink shades with care not to make impression of tear-stained or tired eyes.
  4. For make-up of lips choose the gentle natural shades which are not merging with tone of your skin, differently on photo you will look pale. Lipstick or gloss have to be resistant not to leave marks on the groom's lips, cheeks congratulating or clothes. To prolong firmness of the usual moisturizing lipstick, at first trace contour of lips, and then the same pencil paint over their surface. Put the first layer of lipstick, blot it with napkin, and then powder lips and add one more layer. If you use gloss, watch that flickering parts were not smeared during kisses on cheeks or chin.

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