How to dry up nail gel

How to dry up nail gel

Nail service has enough progressed in the development and actively wins popularity. Gel nails should give bigger preference, than all the rest as they look more naturally and do not damage nail plate, protecting from negative impact of external factors.


1. Dry up the gel applied on nail plate by means of brush. Until it crude has also dried, nails should not give the form. This procedure takes place only after artificial nails completely harden. As gel – rather dense material, its drying will take long time. Such nails do not dry under natural conditions.

2. You dry nails under light of special ultra-violet lamp. Nail gel is that material which hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Often photosensitive gels are exposed to such procedure of drying. In the course of impact of UV rays on nail there is reaction as a result of which gel is linked to nail plate.

3. If desired to receive stronger basis of nail plate, repeat drying of gel under beams of ultra-violet lamp several times. With every new time gel will begin to be strengthened.

4. If you use not photosensitive gel for building, then to dry up it by means of the UF-lamp it will not turn out. Such gel on nails dries by their soaking in water or when drawing on nails of special substance.

5. As soon as gel has completely dried, file roughnesses and give to nail plates the necessary form. Over nail cause desirable design and cover the drawing with fixer. Drawing the drawing and its drying takes long time, and the covering becomes in only a few seconds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team