How to dye hair in red color

How to dye hair in red color

Many women dye hair. But on on such bright shades drawing attention as red, decide seldom. There is no wonder - such transformation demands responsible approach and professionalism of the master.

It is required to you

  • - coloring balm;
  • - or resistant paint


  1. If you want to experiment and find out whether red color of hair to you will go, use coloring balm. As a rule, at coloring balms the affordable price, packings is enough for two-three times. Their advantage - in lack of peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia, unhealthy hair. On average such unstable paint keeps on hair 2-3 weeks, some brands it is less, some longer. In fact week paint gradually will begin to be washed away, become less saturated, and then will change color at all. To you it is necessary either to tint hair, or to wait so far paint completely will be washed away. But it not necessarily will occur quickly. Do not forget also about the growing roots.
  2. There are also resistant paints of different shades of red. Choosing paint, be guided by councils of professionals and responses of the women who were influenced it, but not by advertizing. Consider that, irrespective of shade of the paint, the final result will depend also on your basic data. If you the blonde, after painting you can receive scarlet, bright red hair color. If you the brunette, then paint can be and is not noticeable on your hair, and only to cast brown or burgundy. So at initial dark shade of hair it is necessary to be clarified previously. Deciding on serious experiments with hair, go to good salon better. Find the expert with positive reviews to whom you will trust. So you will be able not to be afraid that instead of red color some other unexpected shade will turn out. It especially is relevant if you have already dyed hair - repeated coloring can unevenly lay down.
  3. Some women hope to receive hair of red color by means of natural means and mistakenly consider that with it they will be helped by red henna. In fact, this natural dye will give to your hairstyle rather reddish, copper shade. Henna keeps on hair long and on it usual resistant paint badly lays down - have it in mind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team