How to gain weight very quickly

How to gain weight very quickly

many girls the problem of insufficient weight becomes very current, it's not just that excessive leanness hardly looks naturally and beautifully, but also that insufficiency of body weight is capable to lead to big problems with health. How to gain weight so that to get not obesity, and harmonious, beautiful and slender body?


  1. First of all remember: filling stomach high-calorific junk food, sweets, pastries and fast food which obviously full girls should avoid, you will earn not good figure, but set of problems with digestive tract and skin. And unless gastritis and scattering of acne - the fact that you wanted? We think over the correct and nutritious diet!
  2. Insufficient weight is in most cases too fast metabolism and bad digestion of nutrients from the eaten food. Therefore it is worth developing the balanced menu at which there will be carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The huge role is played by high quality of food. Thus, carbohydrates which will saturate organism are not rich pastries and sweets, but good grain and cereals (porridge, muesli, barley grain, pearl barley). Proteins are a processed on couple or stewed easily acquired meat, fats - natural vegetable oils (olive or sunflower). You should not forget also about vegetables, they contain many vitamins and celluloses which are very necessary for our organism.
  3. The correct combination of products - key to healthy digestion and good nutrition of organism. So, the meat upotrbelenny with carbohydrates like spaghetti or starch like potatoes, will hardly be acquired. It is better to use it with the vegetable salad filled with oil (as oil helps absorption of the vitamins which are contained in vegetables).
  4. Stimulate the appetite! For example, the use of the warm acidified water or fruit juice for some time to food (approximately for half an hour) will strengthen release of gastric juice, and the appetite will instantly be played. This reception also allows organism as it is possible to process and digest food easier.
  5. The serving size is very important. If at the sight of huge plate you want to get up because of table and to escape as all of you will not be able equally to master it, just divide dish into two-three parts, and eat with small break. Gradual increase in portions will also help stomach to get used to normal amount of food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team