How to gather less weight for pregnancy

How to gather less weight for pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman can gather extra kilos. That it has not occurred, try to lead active lifestyle and to watch itself. It will help not only to look perfectly even with pot-belly, but also it is fine to feel.


1. Eat from the first day of pregnancy properly. Do not eat in the double portions, reasoning it with the fact that you need to eat for two and to receive more useful substances. Exclude harmful and fat products which contain many carcinogens and salts from diet – they provoke development of hypostases and weight from them arrives very quickly.

2. Do not eat white loaf and fancy bread. Replace these products with slices, black bread. Use sweets in limited quantities, replace them with dried fruits, honey (if there is no allergy). Having excluded part of the products rich with carbohydrates from diet, weight will cease to be gained. In certain cases it is enough even slightly to lose weight.

3. Accept vitamin complexes for pregnant women. Previously consult with the doctor who conducts your pregnancy. At receipt in organism of all necessary microelements the metabolism is normalized, the appetite weakens that helps not to gain excess weight. But do not forget that to take any drugs without medical prescription including vitamin supplements, extremely dangerously.

4. If you have no threat of abortion, play sports. No, it is not necessary to raise weights, to exhaust itself on exercise machines. Sign up for courses for pregnant women, there all will show you and will tell as how to do. Specify at the gynecologist whether you have any deviations which can serve as contraindication for gymnastic activity. Not always doctors tell all details if not to ask them about it.

5. After the delivery you nurse the child. Natural feeding promotes the fastest weight loss. And to the kid all necessary substances for growth and development will arrive. And if you after all have strongly recovered, descend on reception to the endocrinologist or the nutritionist, to you will develop the program for weight loss or will appoint special medications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team