How to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions on bottom and legs quickly

How to get rid of cellulitis in house conditions on bottom and legs quickly

If "orange-peel" has already appeared standing, buttocks, then the following actions - massages, wrappings, srubs, physical exercises and observance of diet quickly will help to get rid of it. In house conditions it is acceptable, simple, convenient.

As there is cellulitis

Other name of cellulitis - lipodistrofiya. Arises at failure of work of microcirculation of lymph and blood in hypodermic and fat layer. Cages of integument begin absorb in themselves water, fat and toxic substances which increase in volumes, creating puffiness.

Ways of fast disposal of cellulitis in house conditions on bottom and legs

Observance of diet

Under a ban fat, sweet, fried food, instant coffee, sweet tea, alcohol.

Are welcomed: fast fish (hake, cod), fast meat (chicken, rabbit), greens, bakery products with bran, the fruit, vegetables, porridges made on water.

Meal has to be fractional (small portions) and frequent (five times a day), observing diet (at the scheduled time). The latest term of dinner at six o'clock in the evening.

Plentiful drink of liquid to 2 liters a day.


The honey and salt srub will cope with dead cells.

  • To add one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of sunflower oil to salt.
  • To apply on the lower extremities and bottom with circular motions.
  • To mass skin not less than fifteen minutes.
  • To wash away warm water.


Wrapping is carried out by means of usual food wrap, and here keeping of structure can be various.

Clay wrappings

  • To dissolve black or blue clay with water in identical proportions.
  • Plain water can be replaced mineral or grass broths.
  • To apply mix with massage movements on problem sites and to roll up food wrap.
  • To be closed by warm blanket about thirty minutes.

Honey wrappings

To put honey into place with cellulitis and to rewind cellophane.

Wrapping with apple sting

  • To mix apple cider vinegar with essential oil (it is better orange) in equal quantities.
  • To grease problem places and to roll up film for one hour.

The course of application of srub in complex with wrapping makes 1 month. With its help it is possible will get rid of cellulitis standing and buttocks and also to lose couple of extra kilos.

Physical activity

  • To jump through jump rope, beginning of five minutes, increasing loading up to forty five minutes a day.
  • To twist hoop fifteen minutes a day.
  • Quickly, almost run to walk upstairs.
  • Exercise of ""Squat"". Foot to put densely on floor, to try not to tear off. To carry out twenty squats on three times. To do so to hundred. For more productive effect it is possible to pick up dumbbells.
  • Exercise ""Inclinations"". To sit down on floor, and as much as possible to part legs. To lay down breast on leg. To be late for ten seconds and to bend to the second leg. To carry out ten times on each leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team