How to get rid of eels and spots from them

How to get rid of eels and spots from them

As a rule, acne rash is considered problem of teenage age, but cases when eels appear both in 20, and in 30 years more often meet. In medicine the acne rash is not considered as serious disease, however, by ugly hems which remain as a result, bring certain esthetic discomfort. For elimination of this problem it is necessary to establish the reason that quickly and qualitatively to get rid of eels.


1. Right choice cosmetic means. If your skin is inclined to appearance of eels, it is necessary to select cosmetics correctly. For daily washing, give preference to soft antiseptics, without the increased alkali content (for example, soft tonic or gentle cosmetic milk). Apply lotion without alcohol content to wiping of the person. On affected areas apply means of pointed influence. For example, the Q-tip moistened in calendula tincture or special antiseptic pencil. In the afternoon use the moisturizing cream which is capable to protect from sunshine and having nekomedogenny and hypoallergenic property. Do not use srubs and peelings if on skin is available though the slightest inflammation, it will only aggravate situation.

2. Upon purchase of cosmetics pay attention to their structure. For problem skin care choose cosmetics which part are: - essential oils and extracts of plants which possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, toxins regulating the correct activity of sebaceous glands and removing; - gamma linolenic acid; - beta and alpha hydroxyacids (salicylic, lactic or glycolic acid); - zinc medicines - panthenol, allantoin.

3. Attentively select cosmetics. Refuse use of foundations and cream powder, apply powder only of light texture, it is desirable friable, it is less absorbed in skin, without hammering time. Cream, buy mousses, tonics and lotions especially for problem skin, even if at present you have no visible inflammations.

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