How to get rid of paint on hair

How to get rid of paint on hair

Women always aim at beauty. Wishing to be still neotrazimy, they often experiment with appearance, especially with hair. Change of hair color are also subconscious desire to add to the life of brightness and positive. But not always the shade after coloring turns out such what has been planned. Especially it concerns those cases when the image changes considerably. What to do in such situation?


  1. How to get rid of paint on hair and to correct shade after the unsuccessful experiment? Everything depends on what does not suit you. If you have unsuccessfully become colourless and have received as a result red or yellow hair, then here exit one - to paint them with soft bezammiachny paint. Color of paint for the decoloured hair should be chosen is one tone lighter than desirable shade as it can turn out more saturated. The decoloured hair empty inside, their scales are open therefore be not surprised that paint will be quickly washed away. It is necessary to carry out repeated coloring that color pigments with firmness were fixed in hair in 2 weeks and were not washed away. The clarified hair should be painted from nape, then it is necessary to paint roots, and already at the end to apply mix on the ends as they give in to coloring quicker.
  2. If you were unsuccessfully painted dark color, then it is possible to get rid of paint by means of the natural masks muffling color. Treat them kefiric and oil. Masks become several times a week, one night better. Oil (burdock, almond, linen) or kefir is applied on all surface of hair. Then the head should be wrapped polyethylene film and to warm terry towel. Natural masks strengthen hair and gradually extend dark color, returning to hair natural shade. If your head of hear is not too overdried by chemical dyes, try to wash up the head laundry soap, but you do not hold it on hair as it also dries them. Soap also washes away paint.
  3. If to wait not in your forces, you can advise to make the procedure of washing of paint from hair. The remover is removal of artificial color pigments from structure of hair by means of special structure. Removers are on sale in specialized shops. Here the most popular of them: "Color off" Estel, "Colorianne Color System" Brelil, "Remake Color" Hair Light, "Remover" Dikson, "Oxy Reload" Selective. The remover is put not once, and a little - until hair do not brighten so that they can be painted shade necessary to you. The remover does not decolour hair, it does not contain hydrogen peroxide therefore will not make your hair is lighter than natural shade if of course you did not become colourless earlier. The remover spoils hair, after this procedure they can become thinner, more dim. But if after it to be painted with soft bezammiachny paint, then gloss and force are provided to your curls. After the procedure of washing of color it is necessary to look after hair that all unsuccessful experiments have not deprived of you smart, healthy and brilliant head of hear strongly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team