How to get rid of perspiration of armpits

How to get rid of perspiration of armpits

The excessive perspiration, especially in summertime, creates the mass of the unpleasant moments irrespective of, this problem at you or at the neighbor in transport. Therefore it is important to establish the sweating reasons in armpits and to fight against it in a complex.


1. The rule extending to all consists in maintenance of hygiene of the body. Wash more often and get rid of hair in axillary hollows. Take shower several times in day in the flying, and have a shave at least every other day.

2. Use antiperspirant deodorants. These assistants are most widespread in fight for dry armpits among the population, and there is no wonder, they contain such chemical elements as aluminum chloride or zinc chloride which narrow channels of sweat glands and, as a result, interfere with sweating.

3. Various psychological problems, stress, diffidence and also diseases of endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular systems can cause excessive perspiration. Moreover, the perspiration can be symptom of diabetes therefore pass complex research in local policlinic to be sure of own health.

4. Plentiful sweating can be consequence of overeating. Eat as little as possible fat, salty, sugary and sharp products, especially it concerns food in summertime. Limit consumption of alcohol which increases the general temperature of organism.

5. There are folk remedies in fight against perspiration. Buy in drugstore sage which leaves include the substances preventing strong sweating. Make boiled water leaves of sage and daily put compresses to armpits. Thanks to this procedure you will get rid of unpleasant smell of sweat.

6. You can accept sage also as tincture inside. One glass of grass of sage fill in 400 ml of boiled water and insist within half an hour. Drink three times a day 1/3 glasses.

7. There are surgical ways of reduction of perspiration, for example, introduction of Botox to the axillary hollow and also the simpatektomiya and curettage which influence the nervous terminations and block them, thereby interfering with sweating. To learn about these methods and also about contraindications, you can in the specializing clinics.

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