How to get rid of pimples and scars after them

How to get rid of pimples and scars after them

Unfortunately, happens so that disposal of pimples does not guarantee ideal skin yet. Many young men and girls face not idle time and unpleasant problem - traces from acne. Traces from eels can represent as red and the blue inflamed or stagnant spots, and scars or hems. Disposal of consequences of the endured accident - not the simplest occupation, but having undertaken this problem properly, you will become the owner of equal and beautiful skin soon.

1. So, you are disturbed by scars later pimples. Under the damaged layer of skin is new, equal and healthy - to it we also will help to be formed as soon as possible. And it means that not to do without regular and effective peeling. Choose the option which is the most suitable for itself - for example, srub or gommage, and use it approximately every two days. The srub suits those who have no residual inflammations, it perfectly purifies leather from the unnecessary and died-off cages, giving it the chance to breathe and be updated. It is good if as a part of belongings there are such elements as zinc or salicylic acid, these are faithful assistants to Novaya Gazeta of skin too.

2. Wash infusions of herbs. Best of all for regeneration and reduction of number of various inflammations the camomile has proved - it disinfects, removes reddenings and calms, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Small wounds and scratches will be pulled together, both hems and scars just will not be formed.

3. You can help your skin to be updated and become smooth and equal and by means of some essential oils. Best of all, perhaps, have proved oil of rosemary, carnation and tea tree. They can be added to masks, for example, from clay. Here simple and effective recipe of one of such masks: take couple of tablespoons of kaolin (white clay), part it with rather warm water to condition of uniform gruel, add 2-4 drops of any of above-mentioned oils, carefully mix once again and put on face rather thick layer. Take on face until the mask cools down. Such masks perfectly bleach skin, level its shade and remove reddenings, doing traces much less noticeable.

4. Very good way which to you can be offered in salon is the peeling fruit acids. What is this method? Fruit acids update skin, peeling old layer together with hems and scars. This method is extremely good the fact that it has no contraindications and can suit young people and girls practically of any age.

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