How to get rid of pimples by national methods

How to get rid of pimples by national methods

Pimples develop as a result of excess release of skin fat, imbalance in organism of sex hormones, the wrong skin care. Therefore for treatment it is necessary to influence organism not only from within, but also outside. Effectively folk remedies struggle with pimples. They include aromatherapy, phytotherapy, naturopathy. Only applying these methods in complex, it is possible to achieve positive result.

  • Antiseptic oil, massage mitten, infusions of herbs, berries, vegetables and fruit, tar soap.

1. Skin reflects internal state of our organism. In turn, main role in health of the last is played by food which we use. If skin excretes excess of fat, then it is necessary to reconsider the food. The essence of naturopathic approach also consists in it. Surely limit consumption of greasy and fried food. Try not to abuse sweet and smoked. Switch the attention to fruit, vegetables, greens, bakery products from coarse flour. Try to steam dishes. Candies and chocolate can be replaced with natural sweets: honey, dried fruits, urbech. Besides, they are useful to health. Drink more pure, home-made compote, but not carbonated drinks. Allow skin to breathe more. For this purpose you wear clothes from natural fabrics and stimulate blood circulation. It is useful to mass during bathing skin special bast and in end to take contrast shower.

2. The aromatherapy includes use of the natural oils having antibacterial properties. They promote healing and formation of new healthy cells of skin. Treat such oils lavender, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit. They can be applied separately and in complex. If you have very sensitive skin, then it is recommended to dilute oil with water. Rub it in skin after the done massage and shower. Besides, the smell of oil is capable to lighten the mood which also influences condition of skin. For the best result add oil to masks and skin cream as they have the knitting and antiseptic properties.

3. Effective remedy from pimples is phytotherapy. From herbs, berries, flowers it is necessary to prepare not only lotions for skin wiping, but also broths for reception vnutr. The burdock big is cleaner of tissues of skin, normalizes blood circulation. It is possible to use both root, and leaves. On glass of boiled water put tablespoon of leaves of burdock, let's stand 30 minutes. Accept on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. And do broth of root of burdock. For stimulation of the immune system of organism it is useful to drink purple cone-flower infusion. The purple cone-flower disinfects fabrics.

4. For treatment of chronic acne rash it is useful to wipe skin with lotions, broths of house preparation. Cucumber lotion: small crushed cucumber connect to 100 gr vodka, insist 8-10 days, filter and store in the fridge of 6 months. Daily wipe face with 5-10% spirit tincture of propolis. In the morning the formed film is removed the cotton wool moistened with vodka. In month the procedures should be carried out every other day - before full treatment of skin. The guelder-rose has powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Every day wipe skin with its juice, in 20 minutes wash away warm water. To perform the procedure 2 times a day.

5. For clarification from heat-spots of all body it is necessary to carry out the following procedure. Mix salt with tar soap and apply on problem places, massing mitten. Then take bath with addition of broth of birch or train within 15-20 minutes. Wipe body and apply on it any antiseptic oil. You will notice how your skin will change after a while.

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