How to get rid of pimples in month

How to get rid of pimples in month

Pimples, eels, the inflamed sites - here and the mood is essential to damage the small list of what can worsen considerably condition of skin. If the number of formations increases, begin to sound the alarm and to think over ways of fight against defects of skin.

  • - means which contains salicylic acid and oxide of zinc;
  • - peeling;
  • - complex vitamins;
  • - gels with neutral PH;
  • - cosmetic clay;
  • - hydrogel.

1. Find the reason of appearance of pimples, only this way you will be able to stop process of their education. They can develop owing to the wrong skin care, hormonal failure or because of use of medicines. To make the exact diagnosis, address the dermatologist.

2. Begin disposal of pimples with correction of food. Exclude from the diet salty, fried, sweet and smoked. Daily use fruit, vegetables, dairy products, nuts and porridges. In addition accept complex vitamins.

3. Start external impact on skin. At first purify it. For this purpose get means which contains salicylic acid and oxide of zinc. Also you can use special cosmetics, for example, peeling. But in this case you need to pick up cosmetics under the type of skin.

4. After face peel wash up it slightly cool water. For washing you can use special gels with neutral PH. Remember that it is necessary to wash face twice a day.

5. Two times a week do face pack. For this purpose you use cosmetic clay as it is capable "to extend" the accumulated skin fat from the clogged-up pores.

6. After mask surely moisturize the skin even if she is fat. For this purpose you use hydrogels.

7. You will be able to get rid of pimples in short time at the cosmetologist. He, having estimated skin condition, will appoint complex treatment and the necessary procedures. For example, in clinics apply so-called oxygen and ozone mix in total with electrothermic coagulation. The course of treatment makes about 6 days.

8. Also to you can appoint phototherapy. The procedure is that the cosmetologist directs light to the problem site. The beam destroys bacteria, improving microblood circulation.

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