How to get rid of small wrinkles

How to get rid of small wrinkles

Since certain age the question of how it is possible to get rid of small wrinkles concerns each woman. Today this problem can be solved with success and having used services of beauty shops, and house cosmetics.


1. Reduce stay time in the open sun. All know that ultraviolet rays age skin for this reason it is not recommended to sunbathe often. Sunshine are especially harmful to the person. It needs to be protected by means of special creams with protection factor higher than 15 – such cream will provide optimum protection.

2. Drink more water. Liquid moisturizes the skin including face skin. In months when air becomes drier try to humidify it regularly.

3. Apply special cream against wrinkles. Now such means can be got in any shop or drugstore. Anti-aging creams contain the substances interfering aging of skin and stimulating production of collagen so, I promote reduction of small wrinkles.

4. Do for mask skin of banana. For this purpose crush the blender banana and put the turned-out porridge on face. Such mask will reduce wrinkles and will moisturize the skin.

5. Do regularly facial massage. Massage movements are excellent prevention in fight against small wrinkles. Besides, facial massage will help to improve blood-groove of fabrics and to oxygenate cage.

6. Prepare mask with the vitamins useful to skin for the person. For this purpose squeeze out contents of three ampoules of vitamin E, mix with two teaspoons of unsweetened yogurt, add on half of teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Musk needs to put on face for ten minutes, and then to wash away warm water.

7. Carry out at least once a day face exercises. There is set of such exercises which not only promote elimination of wrinkles, but also help to get rid of the second chin. The simplest of them can consider smile – smile more often and wrinkles will abandon you. Also good exercise can be considered pulling of lips tubule, alternate smile and lips tubule. It will force to work face muscles and will reduce wrinkles.

8. Apply to the person mask from honey and castor oil. For preparation of such mask it is necessary to take flower honey and flavourless castor oil in equal quantities. To warm up on water bath and in warm look to put on face. It is necessary to hold such mask ten minutes, and then to wash away warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team