How to get rid of thick cheeks

How to get rid of thick cheeks

Chubby cheeks not cause touching delight in all. Especially if such advantage is available for girls or ladies not of so children's age. Though it is known that such cheeks are pleasant to men, many women try to reduce their volume very much. What for this purpose is necessary?


1. Do gymnastics for the person. Today this set of exercises carries beautiful name – feysaerobik. Being engaged, you force to move face muscles that activates metabolism, strengthens blood circulation and normalizes work grease and sweat glands. Doing exercises, you will be able to increase elasticity of skin and partially to get rid of wrinkles. At regular and systematic trainings you will be able to reduce volumes of thick cheeks considerably.

2. Try to limit yourself in food (especially avoid the big use of high-calorific dishes and bakery products) and give preferences to natural products. From the competent choice of the eaten food you not only will be able to lose weight (and the person, as a rule, grows thin first of all), but also will gain healthy and beautiful complexion.

3. Do favorable make-up. If you are not able, ask for the help in beauty shop. Skilled skilled workers will prompt as it is correct to put any given type of decorative cosmetics visually to reduce cheeks.

4. Carry out self-massage, especially two main receptions: easy pressing of thumbs move them in the area of jaw (lower) to auricles; slightly to pokolachivayta nasolabial folds, chin and lower part of cheeks easy and fast movements of fingers.

5. Pay attention to water procedures. Every morning and evening pour over neck cold water or infusions of herbs. Vigorously try to pat cheeks the towel moistened in salty cold water. Do contrast compresses: several times replace ice towel hot, you hold everyone on face not less than a minute. Short-term applying of cold and hot towel causes alternate narrowing and expansion of vessels, strengthens skin and raises muscular tone that in turn it is necessary to get rid of chubby cheeks if desired.

6. Forever the plastic surgery will help to get rid of thick cheeks. But at this problem you should not resort to such radical methods before 30 flyings. With age the completeness of cheeks descends - it is physiological process. At surgical correction delete the fat lump of Bish giving to cheeks plumpness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team