How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes

How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes

Skin around eyes is very vulnerable, under it there is practically no hypodermic and fat cellulose, besides, its thickness of everything about 0.005 mm. She is poor in moisture and has almost no protective hydro-lipidic layer. At the same time enormous loading is the share of this site: the person squints, laughs, cries, etc. All these actions leave the marks which develop in wrinkles over time. What to undertake if they became obviously visible and cause concern?


1. Good impact on skin under eyes will be made by massage. It is necessary to do it in the evening after removal of make-up. Apply nutritious cream or a little olive oil and soft circular motions stroke skin around eyes (lower eyelid – from external corner to internal, upper – on the contrary). You remember, strong pressing to you to anything – so you will provoke appearance of new wrinkles. Then walk on skin easy pokolachivayushchy movements.

2. Get to yourself the special line of the care products smoothing wrinkles under eyes and in general improving condition of skin. Obligatory for your arsenal are special means for removal of make-up (milk or two-phase liquid) and cream (gel) for skin around eyes. What to choose, to consult to the cosmetologist better and to buy them in specialized shop or drugstore.

3. When putting cream do not smear it, and try to impose pointwise, avoiding skin extension. Pay attention to products with gel structure, they are quickly absorbed and often are suitable for sensitive eyes.

4. There are folk remedies for fight against wrinkles under eyes. For example, mix warm mashed potatoes with heavy cream and apply on eye area for about twenty minutes, and later wash away water.

5. Address the good cosmetologist in beauty shop and undergo special procedures for disposal of wrinkles under eyes. Salons, as a rule, use complex of such procedures and use professional cosmetics. The result will not keep itself waiting.

6. If all previous actions have no effect or the problem is obviously started, there are more radical methods. Consult to the cosmetologist, perhaps, will offer you botulotoxin injections (Botox, Disport), chemical and laser peelings, mesotherapy (subcutaneous injections) or something else. It is not necessary to be afraid of these procedures, it is worth learning about professionalism of the doctor and clinic to which you address only thoroughly.

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