How to give volume to lips

How to give volume to lips

Girls of all countries and age dream of beautiful, juicy, volume lips. It is possible to reach it not only difficult operations or injections. On the contrary, use of simple rules and secrets of care for lips will make, even thin and colourless lips, beautiful and volume.

It is required to you

  • - sugar, honey, oils;
  • - cosmetics – lipstick, gloss, balms.


1. Beautiful, chubby lips – result of daily comprehensive care. For a start it is necessary to carry out gentle, but effective clarification of lips. Perfectly the masks prepared in house conditions cope with this task. For example: connect sea salt to egg white, apply this mix on lips, massage them fingers, wash away. Instead of salt it is possible to use sugar – the effect will also be good. Except clarification, you should not forget about daily massage of lips – the toothbrush bristles wetted by warm water will help you with it.

2. After clarification of lips, begin to feed actively and constantly them and to humidify. Food – the only method of achievement of seductive sponges. Natural ways – drawing droplet of honey on the surface of lips for the night, use of natural oils (olive, almond, castoric) other.

3. It is possible to reach increase in volume of lips by means of special cosmetics – balms and gloss which incorporate components which irritate the surface of lips and cause easy reddening and increase in their volume. It is possible to prepare such cosmetics even of the house: use mint, menthol, cinnamon – all these products naturally help to increase the volume of your lips.

4. For achievement of effect of chubby lips you remember the principle of putting lipstick: use pencil for lips one shade lighter, than color of lipstick, then put the first layer of lipstick. Blot lips with napkin – lipstick will longer keep on lips. Put the second layer of lipstick, and then apply drop of transparent gloss on the middle of lower lip. Using such method of putting lipstick, you are surprised what beautiful and volume will be your lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team