How to glue stickers on nails

How to glue stickers on nails

If you love creative manicure, but are afraid that you will not be able to draw beautiful pattern or exactly to make up nails, use ready stickers. On sale there are films which are completely covering plates and also small motives which paste over varnish. Learn to select and fix correctly they are stickers significantly diversify and will accelerate manicure.

It is possible to find two types of stickers in sale. The first serve for decor and fasten over the put varnish covering. Usually it is motives of the small size, decorate with them all nails or only a few fingers. Stickers can have the form of geometrical figures, animals, butterflies, flowers, monograms. Very interesting option - the stickers imitating the French manicure. It is the most convenient to use silicone accessories - they densely adjoin to nail, do not puff up, reliably keep.

It is easy to paste such stickers. Make manicure, cover nails with color varnish. On not dried varnish attach the chosen motives exempted from protective film and press them wooden stick. Let's varnish dry, and then cover nails with thick layer of brilliant quick-drying top. It will fix stickers, will add to manicure smoothness and gloss.

Do not save time on manicure. Stickers draw special attention to hands, and all defects will be evident.

One more option of stickers has quite recently become fashionable. It is thin film which completely covers nails, replacing usual varnish. Pluses of such covering in speed of performance, accurate type of nails. Besides only thus it is possible to make fashionable manicure with effect of foil or to decorate nails with difficult small patterns. Stickers are sold by ready sets so in shop you will be able already to pick up right color, texture and the drawing.

If you do not cope with stickers independently, make trial manicure in salon. Further it will be easier for you to repeat it.

That nails looked ideally, it is important correct to attach stickers. Try on them, selecting the options suitable to the size of your nails. Too long or wide it is possible to cut slightly. It is important that stickers corresponded to nail width, length can be removed then. Make manicure, having removed cuticle and having polished plates with special bar. On ridge nails it will be difficult to paste film, besides it can quickly peel off. Degrease plates by means of special means or liquid for varnish removal. Remove protective piece of paper from one sticker and apply film the kleyushchy party to nail. Densely press it that glue was recorded. Smooth small folds with wooden or plastic stick. Do not use metal tools, they can tear film. Having convinced that the film was pasted, start registration of the following nail. You do not hurry - errors of such manicure will be very noticeable. Having finished, file nails, deleting surplus of film. It is convenient to do it by ceramic or glass file with moderately large grain. Correctly made manicure will hold on several days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team