How to hide stomach

How to hide stomach

with ideal figure of unit, and happy with the appearance and that it is less. Someone does not like his nose, to someone – thick hands, someone tries to hide hips or tummy. Fortunately, the modern fashion gives us in hands all tools to emphasize the advantages and to hide shortcomings, often imaginary.


  1. Most of all women with figure "apple" suffer from the speaker of tummy. And yes "apples" can be different. The first type: waist, shoulders and breast full, hips rather harmonious. The second type: everything, except stomach graceful and harmonious.
  2. Clothes. All clothes have to extend silhouette visually. Pick up for daily carrying denim or trousers with flare from hip with landing for waist, do not put on the fitting trousers, leggings – you risk to look as the pregnant woman. It is worth avoiding creation of borders of clothes between thin and thick part of body. For example, to put on breeches. The tunic with V-shaped cut will gracefully look. You will kill with it two hares at once: you will hide tummy and you will distract attention from it, having emphasized the beautiful breast. And here boleros which it is madly popular now you should not put on: it will emphasize both tummy and hands. Choose jacket or cardigan as length to the middle of hip. Skirt to the middle of knee. If your legs are faultlessly harmonious, then are able to afford skinny jeans under jacket or tunic.
  3. For some reason many unfairly forget about dresses. And in vain. Put on dress in floor from the streaming atlas, flared from breast with V-shaped cut of decollete, pick up clutch and put shoes on in sandals. You will see how other people will react to you, before them the beautiful stylish woman will appear.
  4. Accessories. As for footwear, preference should be given to shoes on high heel or on the platform. Forget about big bags which will give you some untidiness and heaviness. Choose bags of the average size of strict geometrical form.
  5. Linen. The shapewear can reduce you by several sizes visually. Now there are corsets which go from breast to the middle of hip. Having added corset with the dragging-away shorts and correctly picked up bra, you will become much more attractive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team