How to improve appearance

How to improve appearance

For fatigue, constant sleep debt and lack of normal ecological situation, the appearance strongly suffers. Shadows under the eyes, dim complexion, the general weakness became our constant satellites. But ways to improve the appearance are, and rather simple.


  1. The huge value for appearance has dream number of hours. Everyone has it the. Define, how much time you need for you completely to get enough sleep. Try to adhere to this number of hours. Plan the day so that to be in time all during wakefulness. Attract close to housework, you do not drag everything on yourself. Distribute duties: let the dishes will be washed by the husband, and you will play with the child at this time or will be engaged in cosmetic procedures. Do not take away from yourself precious hours of dream, and your organism will be grateful to you.
  2. You spend much time in the fresh air. If on weekdays it cannot be made, allot days off outdoors for walks. Take family, friends and go to picnic. It is possible to go to the forest or the park in the winter, to play snowballs, to build snowman, to go skating or skis. You do not sit within four walls. Oxygen is very important for all systems of our organism and the you will spend outdoors during week-end more time, the your health in the working days will be better.
  3. Try to eat properly. Eating food after 6-7 o'clock in the evening, you force the stomach to work at night instead of having a rest. And since morning you wake up with weight in all body and headache. Do not force the organism: have supper till 6 in the evening. Do not eat heavy, greasy food for the night. Be limited to salad with olive oil and piece of fish or meat on couple. Use carbohydrates since morning, to 12. And you will see how through two-three of weeks you will have healthy flush and circles under eyes will disappear.
  4. Try to be loaded with positive emotions. You go to the cinema, theater, on concerts. Communicate with friends, children, favourite people. By scientists it is proved long ago that optimists live longer and are ill less than the hypochondriacs embittered for the whole world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team