How to improve condition of nails

How to improve condition of nails

Beautiful hands and long equal nails - sign of ukhozhennost, and for someone and just professional politeness. But if the nature has not awarded you with such treasure, it is not necessary to be upset: you are able to help nails to become healthy and strong.

It is required to you

  • Nutritious cream, iodine, nail oil, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice.


1. First of all, try to perform homework in gloves, especially when using cleaning and detergents. Chemical compositions of all these means not only wash dirt from ware, tile and the bathroom, but at the same time adversely influence your hands: skin grows old quicker, and nails become brittle and are stratified.

2. Constant use of nail varnish also damages their health. Give to nails rest – at least one day a week do not make up them. Before putting varnish use special basic covering which structure is vitamin-rich and will protect your nails from chemical influence of varnish. Use liquid for removal of varnish without acetone also to protect them from stratifying and peresushivaniye.

3. Get useful habit to apply on hands and nails before going to bed nutritious cream. While you have a rest, your hands will receive the necessary help, and in week of such regular "food" you will notice improvements of condition of your nails.

4. Regularly do manicure, at the same time try not to cut off the excess length of marigold scissors, and to saw round soft nail files. After each session the master, as a rule, applies to skin around nail nutritious oil with vitamins that also promotes their growth and strengthening. There are salons which offer service of SPA manicure, it is not so expensive, and during the procedure grass baths which improve condition of nails are used.

5. Do not forget about the food, we receive the main part of vitamins with food. So, fragile nails will be helped by haricot and beans, and spinach and carrots not only accelerate growth of nail plate, but also strengthen it; the dairy products rich with calcium will present healthy look and durability.

6. Regularly look after nails. It is possible to grease for the night them with iodine, to make warm bath of sea salt (1 tablespoon on glass of water), to oil nails olive, to clarify and feed with lemon juice, and even masks from mashed potatoes on milk will bring the benefit. Already through several procedures you will notice that your nails became strong and healthy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team