How to keep varnish from solidification

How to keep varnish from solidification

It is difficult to apply too dense varnish on nails accurately and evenly. Besides it badly dries and looks not in the best way. In advance think of that favourite varnish has kept normal texture - correctly choose means and learn receptions of house manicure.


1. Buy varnishes only in the checked places - for example, large cosmetic shops or branded boutiques. There are less chances to get bottle which someone already opened. Before purchase be convinced that the bottle is filled up to the top, and varnish was not stratified. You should not get the means which is stored under bright lamps. Check integrity of cover, lack of chips on bottle. It will be very difficult to return the rejected copy to shop.

2. If you want to test varnish, to estimate its shade and texture, use the exposed testers, without opening the bubbles offered for sale. Remember that the air causing fast solidification of varnish begins to come to open bottle.

3. Consider that some textures are predisposed to solidification. Most often sand varnishes and also means with large spangles or effect of foil change consistence. Most longer liquid enamels and varnishes jellies keep normal texture.

4. You store the varnishes at the room temperature, far from heating devices. The bathroom with high humidity will not approach too. You should not store varnishes in the fridge - there they get denser especially quickly. The best option - dresser with boxes or special boxes. With spangles it is better for Lucky to store in the turned state. Brilliant particles will move closer to neck, and before manicure you should not shake up bottle contents long.

5. Learn to use varnish correctly. You do not hold bottle opened, close it at once after have gathered means on brush. Do not wipe brush about neck, leaving on it drips. Drying, they will interfere with dense closing of cover, and air will come to bottle, causing solidification. If drips nevertheless were formed, after end of manicure wipe neck of bottle and internal part of cover with the cotton pad moistened in liquid for removal of varnish or acetone.

6. Before manicure turn bottle and rub it between palms. Try to buy varnishes, in bottles in which there are metal balls mixing contents.

7. Buy special thinner for the thickened varnishes. If enamel became too dense and badly lays down, drip a little liquid in bottle and rub it between palms, mixing varnish. Most likely, the procedure should be repeated before each manicure. Thinner does not harm nails and does not change texture of varnish. It is not necessary to replace it with acetone, alcohol or other means - they hopelessly will spoil enamel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team