How to learn to cut hair the machine

How to learn to cut hair the machine

It is rather favorable to have houses the machine for hairstyle of hair. Already in few months its cost will pay off. It is especially good to cut it the children who for the unknown reasons are afraid of hairdressers. And to learn to use such machine rather simply.


  1. Wash and dry the hair. These preliminary procedures will facilitate sliding of the machine thanks to removal of skin fat. The dirty head cannot be cut. Edges of the machine will be zatuplyatsya, and it to be hammered. Besides, on skin the irritation can appear as a result parts of dirt will get to microcracks which will be formed when maintaining the machine on the head.
  2. Now pick up the nozzle necessary to you on length, and on edge record it. If you do not begin to use nozzle, then receive the minimum length of hair. However, it will not be as after the machine. Choose number of nozzle on length of hair which has to remain after hairstyle. If you choose the first nozzle, then length will be only 1 mm.
  3. Connect the machine for hairstyle of hair in the power supply network. After that press it the start button. If this your first use of this machine, then surely oil special its edge. Oil has to be applied to set. Approximately once a month you carry out the procedure of lubricant of running gears of the machine.
  4. Begin hairstyle with occipital part of the head. Smooth movements move the machine forward. If it is difficult for machine to remove all length of hair at once and it badly cuts, then try to put at first other nozzle reserving a little big length. Only after you remove the main part of the grown hair, pass to use of initial nozzle which and you wanted to have hair cut.
  5. After all hair become one desirable length, remove nozzle and already without it straighten temples and neck. After the hairstyle is complete, once again wash up the head and for avoidance of irritation apply antibacterial lotion to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team