How to level curve teeth

How to level curve teeth

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Beautiful equal teeth are good mood, part of our image and also indicator of health and welfare. The modern technologies applied in stomatology are capable to eliminate any esthetic defects of teeth, having forever presented dazzling smile.

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  1. Visit the dentist. As process of correction of teeth will occupy rather long term (from one to two years), it is necessary to carry out necessary treatment of dental diseases. Carry out complex cleaning of teeth of tooth deposits.
  2. Make the panoramic picture of teeth - it is the picture of upper and lower jaw in panorama. The panoramic picture will show to the orthodontist overall picture of zubo-maxillary system.
  3. It is necessary to choose the orthodontist carefully – the result of treatment depends generally on it. It is good if you have acquaintances who have already solved similar problem, and were satisfied with results. It is desirable to find the experienced expert (with length of service not less than five years) having the necessary diploma. It is possible to ask the doctor to show photo of patients "before and after". Take the panoramic picture, and undergo consultation at several experts. Choose the doctor whose methods of correction of teeth will be pleasant to you more.
  4. The doctor will help to choose methods of alignment of teeth to you. For a start he will make plaster model of jaws. Then will establish you breket-system and will tell about how to look after teeth during treatment. Breket-sitema is considered the most effective way of alignment of teeth. With its help it is also possible to eliminate the wrong bite, intervals between teeth, etc.
  5. It is possible to resolve issue of the cost of briquettes only with the orthodontist. He will individually carry out survey, together you solve of what material they will be made what briquettes will be established - internal or external, proceeding from it there will be their cost.
  6. You will visit the orthodontist approximately once a month for control of correctness of treatment. Approximately once in three-four months the doctor will change to you the arches of certain thickness and certain section sending curve teeth to the necessary situation.
  7. After removal of system to you will make grinding of tooth enamel, and reteyner will establish They are fixed on inside of teeth and rush before full deduction of effect of treatment. Time of carrying reteyner is defined individually and depends on the nature of anomaly of bite and term of active treatment. Usually, the term of carrying reteyner averages 1.5-2 terms of carrying briquettes, that is from one to 5-6 flyings. At the same time time in 6 months it will be necessary to visit the orthodontist for the purpose of check of integrity of the device. Carrying reteyner does not affect yours, now to irresistible smile in any way.

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