How to look after hair taking into account seasonality

How to look after hair taking into account seasonality

Now the huge amount of the cosmetics providing the home care of hair comparable with saloon procedures is at the disposal of the woman. However, even despite this abundance, not everything is possible to achieve ideal appearance and health of the curls. The basic reason of this problem is that hair care products are selected without features of season.

The correct hair care constructed on accounting of various seasonal factors will allow to avoid set of typical problems: autumn hair loss, their winter dryness and electricity, spring lifelessness and dimness, summer burning out, fragility and formation of split ends of locks.

Hair care in the fall

During the autumn period many women quite often note the raised hair loss. Trichologists explain this fact with set of the reasons: surplus of the summer ultraviolet which has caused development of the increased amount of testosterone and as a result, hair loss; consequence of bathings in open reservoirs; influence of direct sunshine and winds; natural transition from growth phase to rest stage, etc.

Home care of hair means careful selection of the cosmetics providing complex restoration in the fall: warm oil wrappings; nutritious masks from pulp of pumpkin, juice of aloe, fermented milk products with addition of honey and egg; refusal of hot laying. In cold and windy weather it is recommended to protect hair hood or headdresses. Also it is recommended to pass to soft shampoos and indelible balms.

Features of winter leaving

In winter time for appearance and health of hair fluctuations of air temperature, numerous precipitation, the lowered humidity caused by work of central heating lack of sunlight have strong impact. Hair care has to be most sparing: the organic, dry or house shampoos made of natural ingredients will be ideal for washing; balms and conditioners have to contain the moisturizing additives; before use of the hair dryer, nippers or "irons" it is necessary to apply on means hair for thermal protection.

Besides, it is very important not to forget about headdresses – there is no need to hide under them hair on all length, it is quite enough to take care of health of vessels of head skin. On frost the vessels of the uncovered head are sharply narrowed, blood supply and food of hair bulbs worsens that leads to hair loss.

Spring hair care

If during the winter period neglect by the moisturizing and nutritious cosmetics, errors in food, frequent carrying synthetic headdresses were observed, then by spring the curls can look dim and lifeless. In that case hair care in house conditions means application of complex of improving measures.

For health recovery of hair the natural ingredients available during springtime can be used: kidneys, birch bark and juice of birch, infusion of leaves of coltsfoot, juice of young nettle. It is regularly also necessary to do the masks for hair solving problems with their excessive fat content or dryness. Industrial cosmetics for hair may contain the silicone additives which are looking after tips of locks and preventing their splitting.

Hair care in the flying

During summer time it is necessary to take care of safety of structure of hair and to protect them from peresushivaniye. For this purpose it is necessary to use as seldom as possible the hair dryer and other means for hot laying; to pass to the moisturizing cosmetic medicines containing ultra-violet filters; to avoid daily use of shampoos with the content of sulfates.

To prevent negative impact of direct sunshine, wind and beach sand, it is recommended to braid for summer season hair in braids, to use hats or kerchiefs, after washing of the head to use the acidified cool water for rinsing. Home care of hair can include the vitaminized light masks, grass shampoos, use of light oils: grape seed, almond, apricot.

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