How to look after skin after laser epilation

How to look after skin after laser epilation

Undesirable hair in some areas of your body, especially on face, can look not esthetically. There are various methods which can be used to remove undesirable hairs. One of such methods - laser epilation. That the effect of the procedure has held on longer, it is only necessary to observe couple of simple councils about leaving.


1. In case reddening in the area where the procedure has been made was formed, it is necessary to impose cold compress. You can wet small towel in ice water and accurately put it on reddening zone. It is necessary to continue process until skin comes to the normal state. Instead of towel it is also possible to use ice cubes which it is necessary to massage area of reddening. In case reddening after the procedure of laser epilation does not fall down longer than two days, it is necessary to see doctor.

2. You apply the cooling and moisturizing cream on the field of removal of hair. More than 1 week are better to continue the procedure, so skin will be soft and elastic.

3. Avoid myl and gels of strong concentration when using on area of laser epilation. Choose for yourself special soft cosmetic soaps which moisturize the skin and protect it from external influence.

4. Influence of the sun can cause irritation and pigmental spots on sites of skin (where the laser epilation has been made). If you want to leave the house in hot summer day, it is necessary to apply special sunblock cream. Before use, check the label. On cream SPF 30 or above has to be written.

5. Avoid shaving on area which has been processed. Have not a shave after holding procedure less than 5 days. Also it is necessary to avoid plucking out and bleaching of hair. It can aggravate effect after laser epilation.

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