How to look good in 35 years

How to look good in 35 years

Women intuitively are afraid of century boundary of 30-35 years. It is considered that at this age there are first wrinkles, cellulitis, and irreversible process of aging begins. However careful leaving and responsible approach to health will allow to look in 35 on 25.


1. Comprehensive care for itself includes healthy nutrition, competent moistening of skin and hair and also mobile way of life without which it is impossible to keep figure. Women who want to look younger than 35 years need to know that fight against the first signs of old age has to be daily and continuous.

2. Beauty begins from within therefore the woman after 30 years has no right to forget about the drinking mode. It is not enough to drink 2 l of water a day, it is necessary to do it correctly. It is impossible to drink in time and at once after meal, it is necessary to drink the last glass not less than in 15 minutes prior to meal, and then to refrain from water 2 more hours. It is necessary to drink in the small portions not to stretch stomach.

3. Those who dreams to look 10 flyings more young in 35 years should forget about confectionery, fried and smoked food and also overeating. It is silly to hope that it is possible to receive all vitamins and minerals necessary for mature skin and hair from food. With age their assimilation is broken. The balanced complexes and dietary supplements will come to the rescue. In the woman's diet of 35 flyings surely there has to be folic acid, iron, calcium, cellulose, Omega-3 unsaturated acids and antioxidants, the most powerful of which has recognized Astaxanthin.

4. To look in 35 on 25, it is worth refusing rigid srubs, having replaced them with fruit acids. It is also necessary to reduce contact of skin with tap water, having replaced it with cosmetic milk, oil or butylated liquid.

5. The woman's hair, as well as skin, can tell a lot of things about its age. Besides purchased shampoos and balms it is worth including in leaving house masks on the basis of eggs, honey, yeast and mustard. By the way, mustard powder, thanks to the burning properties, does not allow destruction of melanin and preserves against premature gray hair.

6. How to look younger than 35 years, without having opportunity to go to the gym? Very simply – use the slightest opportunity to move. Refuse the elevator, do easy gymnastics 2-3 times a day, more often and longer walk after work.

7. It is natural if the woman wants to look 10 flyings younger in 35 years, it has to be reflected in its manner to put on. The vintage is the most reasonable to give preference to classics and style – they never grow old. Skirts to knees, direct trousers, womanly dresses and blouses have to become constant companions of the woman of 35 years. And here imitation teenagers can play dirty trick – tight jeans, short tops and fighting make-up, on the contrary, will add 5-10 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team