How to look sexual in 45 years

How to look sexual in 45 years

any age the woman has to remain womanly. In it secret of youthful appearance and appeal. It is possible even to look sexually later forty if to listen to councils of professionals.


  1. Everything begins with skin and hair. Looking after itself, it is very important to keep freshness and tone. At mature age it is very noticeable if neck, to decollete and hands did not pay due attention in youth. Therefore it is necessary to grease daily several times these zones with nutritious cream, to avoid open sunshine and it is obligatory to put on gloves during washing of ware.
  2. To look good in 45, it is necessary to devote much time to hair. It is necessary not only pick up shampoo and the conditioner corresponding to head skin type, but also to use national recipes for maintenance of gloss and elasticity of hair. To the mature woman not to the person the long dismissed curls, but also extremely short hairstyle will not add sexuality. It is worth choosing hair of average length, collecting them in elegant bunches and shells. Curled curls are appropriate if they are professionally laid.
  3. How to look sexually later forty? To use cosmetics moderately. The bright fighting make-up is even worse, than its total absence. The mature lady surely needs quality liquid foundation with UV filters, silky compact or cream blush, also lipstick of natural shade is a little ink applied only on upper eyelashes. Shadows can be used not daily, and for special events. That the glance was speaking, you should not put three layers of ink. It is better to put one, but without lumps.
  4. Nothing ages as extinct look, red proteins and wrinkles around eyes. You want to look good in 45 – carefully look after centuries and eyes. Besides anti-aging creams you can use folk remedies – mask from sour cream and parsley, honey, tea tea leaves, grass broths and crude potatoes.
  5. It is very important to be stylish in 45 years. Tastelessly dressed woman looks is more senior than the age. After forty you should not pursue fashion which constantly changes. Choose for yourself classics, retro or vintage. These styles do the woman not only sexual, but also gentle and graceful.
  6. Footwear does image finished. It is possible to save on anything, but not on good shoes. Boats on average heel, elegant sandals on the platform and boots will make length to the middle of caviar any woman sexy and young-looking. It is worth refusing striptizersky hairpins and slippers. The first look vulgarly, the second will turn you into the grandmother.
  7. To be stylish in 45 years - that is not all. For keeping fit it is necessary to care for health. Sound sleep, walks in the fresh air, intake of dietary supplements and refusal of addictions will help with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team