How to lose weight on porridges

How to lose weight on porridges

diet based on various porridges is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. The women who are regularly beginning the day with porridge, as a rule, do not know what is cellulitis and extra kilos.


  1. The most effective diets for weight loss yield quite fast and resistant result, without doing at the same time harm to health. The diet on home-made porridges is considered one of such. The similar technique of disposal of excess weight answers all necessary conditions of productive weight loss.
  2. Wholegrain grain plays role of peculiar brushes in organism, carefully cleaning it from slags and toxins. It is of particular importance toxins and slags break normal metabolism, as leads to addition of weight. Such diet will allow not only to lose extra kilos, but also will positively affect condition of nails, hair and skin. It has no contraindications and is suitable for one and all.
  3. Diets can be based on one type of grain or the combined, i.e. combining several different porridges. The choice depends on features of your organism. Very important for achievement of the best result to use real wholegrain porridges.
  4. One of such techniques is the diet on porridges calculated for ten days. During its observance exclude from the diet fish, meat, seafood, bread, sugar, dairy products, potatoes, butter and chocolate. The basis of the menu is formed by the porridges cooked without salt and oil. It is possible to diversify their taste by means of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms. Also nuts, honey and vegetable oil are resolved.
  5. This type of diet does not provide restriction the number of meals or certain temporary restrictions. Thanks to it it is transferred quietly. Already in couple of days there will be feeling of ease, and upon termination of the procedure you will be able to get rid of five extra kilos.
  6. The diet which has received the name Six Porridges is slightly more difficult, than previous, but its result will be noticeable already week later. It is the most convenient to begin it on Monday. First of all it is necessary to make cleaning enema.
  7. This technique means consumption of daily new grain in certain sequence. At first wheat, then millet, oat, rice, barley and, at last, for the sixth day – pearl-barley porridge.
  8. Preparation of porridge also has to be special. The glass of grain since evening is filled in three glasses of boiled water, all is carried to boiling and cooks within five minutes. Then the pan is removed from plate and is rolled up by towel, by the morning it will be ready. In the morning on an empty stomach drink glass of warm water, and in half an hour have breakfast.
  9. This diet allows consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, juice, kefir, tea and coffee. The most important is to observe the sequence of the consumption of grain. In the seventh day it is necessary to mix all grain in equal proportions and to boil.
  10. Is it is necessary gradually, but it is frequent. It is not necessary to suffer hunger as soon as have got hungry – eat several spoons of porridge. It is possible to repeat this diet twice a year, but is not more often than once a month. It is transferred easily, the result turns out excellent.

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