How to lose weight to the feeding mother: diet

How to lose weight to the feeding mother: diet

the woman after the delivery faces problem of excess weight. And so himself wants to return former symmetry to short terms. But one business – is simple to lose weight, and another is to get rid of extra kilos when it is necessary to nurse the child. Mother's food these months is very important. The main thing that with milk the kid received all necessary to grow at healthy.

It is required to you

  • - fruit;
  • - vegetables;
  • - vitamin drinks.


  1. When feeding by breast monodiets, low-calorie, diets with the low content of carbohydrates are contraindicated. And to accelerate weight loss process, it is necessary just to increase physical activity. Daily within hour it is necessary to give to body feasible loading. In combination with balanced diet such diligence will yield result. If absolutely it is impossible to allocate time, you go on foot at fast speed. Having put the kid in carriage, actively walk not less than an hour a day. And to the child advantage, and to you.
  2. The balanced diet means the balanced contents in food of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Standard daily rate: carbohydrates – 500 g, fats – 100 g, proteins – 120 g. At the same time the fifth part of fats has to fall on vegetable components, and 60% from all proteins are used animal origin.
  3. You watch diet caloric content. Its indicator should not exceed 3200 kcal. But less than 3 thousand kcal are not recommended to be used too.
  4. The structure of food is not less important, than its caloric content. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the correct development of the child. He receives all this in the form of maternal milk. The lack of any given substances makes negative impact on health of the kid. For development of skeleton the child needs phosphorus and calcium, the structure and blood circulation are affected by availability in iron food, for intellectual development the little man needs iodine. To fill diet with all necessary, the feeding mother has to use fruit and vegetables surely.
  5. The organism of newborns, especially in the first months, goes through adaptation stage to new living conditions. The structure of milk depends on what is eaten by mother. Therefore it is recommended not to eat the products capable to cause allergy: from simple rash to more serious consequences.
  6. The law Better It Is Less, but Is More Often is applicable also for women after the delivery. Five times food will help not to overeat and not to feel hunger.

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