How to make cat's eyes

How to make cat's eyes

Cats – fascinating animals. They are plastic, graceful, flexible. Many women like to compare themselves to these divine creations, adopt their plastics, tricks, even aim to become externally similar to cats. Do not you trust? And what about make-up cat's eyes? This cat's make-up is designed to make look more expressive, mysterious and attracting.

It is required to you

  • - powder;
  • - eye shadow;
  • - eyeliner or pencil for eyes;
  • - ink;
  • - brushes and applicators.


  1. To make cat's eyes, arm with the corresponding decorative cosmetics and accessories. Prepare shadows of dark color (gray, smoky, lilac). Color of shadows has to be combined with color of your eyes and the chosen clothes. Take powder, the ink creating effect of volume and/or lengthening, planimetric pencil for eyes or liquid eyeliner, applicators and brushes for shadows, hairbrush for eyelashes.
  2. Powder eyelids a little, having brushed away surplus wide soft brush. Powder will allow make-up to keep longer, shadows will not roll down pleated eyelid skins.
  3. Apply shadows on upper eyelid. You watch that they laid down exactly, without dark and light sites. For lower eyelids it is possible to choose shadows of the same color or is one shade lighter – this trick will help owners of not too big eyes to expand them visually.
  4. Arrow on upper eyelid begins at internal corner of eye, it is carried out through growth of eyelashes, and approximately of the middle of the century the line begins to rise smoothly up the direction to temple. The external corner of arrow has to be slightly wider than internal. To facilitate to itself task and to draw line more exactly, you can raise a little up external corner of eye, having pulled eyelid skin towards temple.
  5. The arrow on lower eyelid also begins at internal corner of eye and comes to an end at external. It is laid under the line of growth of eyelashes. To give to look it is more than depth, take away arrow at external corner of eye a little down.
  6. Brush eyelashes, remove from them special brush hairbrush of crumb of shadows and surplus of eyeliner and apply ink. Availability of ink when using shadows of dark shades is obligatory as dark tone make heavier look. The extending ink will help to make look more open. If it is required, divide cilia after putting ink. Remember that defects and shortcomings of such make-up should not be, the emphasis is placed on eyes, on them (and in them) admirers will look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team