How to make drawings on short nails

How to make drawings on short nails

Short nails – it is practical, is convenient and not less womanly, than graceful marigold of improbable length. It is a little more difficult to choose the drawing for nails of such length, but at the correct selection of color and form the manicure will look interestingly and stylish.


1. Choose small elements. Large patterns will not look on nails of small length, it is the best of all on them the tiny, simple elements executed by thin lines look. For design use thin brushes and toothpicks.

2. The direction of the drawing has to be vertical. Horizontal patterns will make short nails wider and round therefore visually extend them by means of correctly located drawing. One more reception – you put background covering not on all width of nail, only on the center – the attention will be drawn to the bright drawing.

3. Stop the choice on flat design. Any volume details (acrylic molding, spangles, rhinestones, small stones) will reduce length of nails and to deprive of them appeal therefore you put the drawing in the usual way.

4. Put basic varnish covering. You can choose any color which is pleasant to you. But consider that for decoration of short nails it is better to use no more than 2-3 shades that manicure did not look motley therefore think over the color concept in advance. Flower patterns look more attractive and brighter on light background, and abstract drawings and wavy lines can be applied on more dark basis to play on additional contrast.

5. Put the drawing. Define the place of drawing pattern – better to arrange elements on edge (from above or on diagonal), without occupying the central part of nail. Use suitable tools and apply elements on surface – it can be flower motives, geometrical figures, vertical strips, various animalistic figures, grid, peas, etc. Not bad the drawings located at edge of nail only on the one hand look – they visually extend nail plate. The French manicure – the real find for short nails therefore vary color of varnish and thickness of strip, choosing the most suitable combinations for nails of certain form. The edge of nail also perfectly is suitable for the horizontal drawing – it the exception is admissible only in the absence of other image on the main surface.

6. Fix by the drawing special covering. To provide durability of decor, apply one or two layers of fixer or transparent varnish on nails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team