How to make emo make-up

How to make emo make-up

Usually women are painted, creating unostentatious classical image. But to make make-up in style of emo, it is necessary to study some nuances of this culture and to arm with specific cosmetics.

It is required to you

  • - transparent or white basis under make-up
  • - liquid foundation of porcelain shade
  • - light proofreader
  • - black eyeliner
  • - violet/green/yellow shadows
  • - black ink
  • - pink blush
  • - corporal gloss
  • - black/blue/brown varnish


  1. First of all it is necessary to learn to distinguish emo make-up from Gothic meykap. Emo is a little sentimental, but benevolent persons. All is alien to Ghats human, including feelings. And if the last with the deathly pale persons look as the recovered dead men, then the first want to be beautiful. Therefore skin of emo, though pale, but has to have pleasant porcelain or pinkish shade.
  2. The make-up of emo welcomes use of pink blush and also bright blue, dark brown, yellow, violet and green shadows. Therefore the image should not be gloomy, rather fervent. Though nevertheless the combination black and pink is recognized as classics of emo.
  3. Also availability of the corresponding manicure is considered important. The classical service jacket will be inappropriate if you wish to make make-up of emo. The palette of varnishes is quite wide – black, blue, crimson, dark green, blue, color of rotten cherry and coffee. Try to choose shadows and nail varnish in one scale.
  4. Creating emo make-up, it is necessary to level tone of skin. The person at first becomes covered with soil – basis under make-up, then foundation of porcelain shade is applied. It is possible to mix these two products on the back of palm and to apply already uniform substance. By means of the light proofreader it is necessary to disguise inflammations or roughnesses on skin.
  5. In image eyes have huge value. With emphasis on eyes the make-up of emo becomes. To emphasize eyes and to bring them to the foreground, it is necessary to process carefully and eyebrows. It is possible to use black pencil for eyebrows, but it is better to stop the choice on dark brown color.
  6. For eyeliner it is worth trying classical black pigment in combination with color – pink, yellow or green. The main thing that shades contrasted. Bringing eyes, it is necessary to try that the line adjoined as it is possible closer to eyelashes or at all to depict eyelids on the inner edge. Colored pencil it is necessary to draw line a little below, having accurately shaded border.
  7. The black eyeliner can be applied both on edge of growth of eyelashes, and on all mobile eyelid. And here additional violet or pink shadows – are higher than fold of century. The area under eyebrow and internal corners of eyes should be covered with white or beige pigment that the make-up did not look aggressively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team