How to make eyelashes is more dense

How to make eyelashes is more dense

Dense, long eyelashes do glance speaking and attracting. But because of constant coloring and influence of external factors they break and drop out. There is number of ways which will help to make eyelashes more dense.

Eyelashes are necessary to the person not only for appearance, they perform protective function - preserve eye against hit of direct sunshine. On upper eyelid at the person from about 150 to 200 eyelashes, on lower - 50-100 grow. The term of life of eyelash short, they periodically drop out, and on their place new grow. Eyelashes grow quicker, than human body hair. To growth and density of eyelashes it is necessary to apply the same means, as to stimulation of growth of hair. Massage century, masks, oils, compresses will help to make eyelashes more densely.

On television there is advertizing of the means accelerating growth of eyelashes. The most part from them contains hormonal means which cause so rapid growth of hair, but do not influence thickness of eyelashes in any way. The effect will be, but not such as show in the commercial. Eyelashes I can unevenly grow, in the form of separate bushes that will make look absolutely blank. It is the best of all to resort to the folk remedies prepared in house conditions. The problem consists in close arrangement of eyelashes and eyes. Oils and masks for eyelashes should not get into eyes. Every day it is necessary to do massage century to improve blood circulation and to strengthen inflow of nutrients. For the night it is necessary to apply eyelash oil, every other day to do masks, and once a week to put compress.

It is effective to use mix of oils. It is necessary to wash up previously bottle from under ink and in it in equal proportions to mix peach, sea-buckthorn, olive, almond oils. It is necessary to store the received mix at the room temperature. It is possible to add juice scarlet to oils. Castor and burdock oil affect density and growth of eyelashes too, but they need to be used only in masks as when leaving on all night long for morning of eye can be swelled up a little. It is possible to apply oil vitamin solutions. They are on sale in drugstore. It is necessary to apply oil accurately that it has not got into eyes, otherwise there will be film which will not allow to see normally.

Massage is carried out century by analogy with massage of the head. Smooth, accurate, circular motions it is necessary to promassirovat all eyelid. Castor oil - ideal means for growth of hair. It is suitable for preparation of masks. At the same time it is possible to add some other components: rum, aloe juice, vitamin A, rose attar, parsley greens. The making masks mix up in proportion 1:1. For compresses it is necessary to buy collecting dry herbs: cornflower, calendula, camomile. It is necessary to make and allow it to infuse grass within 30 minutes. As lotions usual black tea will approach.

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