How to make fluffy eyelashes

How to make fluffy eyelashes

, dense and fluffy eyelashes are important component of art of seducing. They do look of women seductive and playful, attracting male hearts. But, unfortunately, the few women can brag of such gift of the nature. However there are ways which will allow to receive eyelashes of the dream.

It is required to you

  • - serum for growth of eyelashes;
  • - the dried-up petals of camomile and cornflower;
  • - almond or castor oil;
  • - vitamin A or carrot juice.


  1. To make the eyelashes fluffy, it is necessary to pay special attention to food and health and only after that to start local influence. According to the statements of experts, it is difficult to deceive the nature therefore to make eyelashes more dense, than it is put genetically, it is impossible. But if regularly to look after cilia and to strengthen them, you will be able to prevent process of their loss.
  2. In specialized shops it is possible to buy special serum which stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes, thickens hairs and gives them elasticity. It is better to choose that serum which does not contain hormones, it is absolutely safe for health. Vitamins, natural oils and keratins are part of such medicine. To use serum one night better, it is necessary to wash away water of room temperature in the morning. You will be able to achieve excellent effect after eight-week regular use of non-hormonal serum, eyelashes will become dense, fluffy and long.
  3. Antioxidants, immunostimulators and also the anti-inflammatory substances which are contained in camomile and cornflower strengthen eyelashes, do them more dense, interfere with their burning out in the sun, remove bruises and hypostases under eyes. Therefore it is regularly necessary to use infusions of these herbs for lotions. Mix two teaspoons of the dried-up petals of centaurea and camomile, fill in with glass of the boiling water. Insist in thermos within a day. Then filter infusion and moisten in it cosmetic disks, apply for twenty minutes to the closed eyes. Do not wash away. Perform this procedure daily, already you will be able shortly to see the first result.
  4. Almond and castor oil strengthens growth of eyelashes, does them dense. For this purpose it is necessary to do two times a week oil compresses. Moisten plait from cotton wool in the warmed-up almond or castor oil, apply to the line of growth of eyelashes. Close eyes and you hold compress within fifteen minutes. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add couple of drops of vitamin A to oil (or to mix oil in equal proportions with carrot juice).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team