How to make hair soft and silky

How to make hair soft and silky

That locks became soft and had effect of liquid silk, it is necessary to make some efforts, hair are whimsical by the nature and demand permanent care and care. How to turn dim and lifeless curls into smart, silky mane, without spending for it lot of money and nerves?

The professional make-up, manicure, slender body and ideally picked up clothes will step aside if your thinning hair, hangs faded tails or sticks out extensively as tow. To spoil overall picture in one moment, not that" is enough to choose "shampoo or balm. But it is only one of the possible reasons.

The condition of hair bulbs is influenced by set of factors.

  • Excessive use of hair dryers, rectifiers and irons. Because of pressure of temperatures the fragility increases, locks split and dry up.
  • Sometimes rare and dry hair get as a gift from relatives.
  • Too frequent coloring by chemical paints also influences condition of hair bulbs.
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins (calcium) in organism give gray shade.
  • Infinite depressions, nervous breakdowns can become the cause of hair loss.

It is necessary to remember that curls in itself will not shine – if you seldom wash the head or look after hair insufficiently – there is nothing to be surprised to deplorable state which have achieved. One of fast ways to restore gloss and silkiness – to address the cosmetologist. By means of professional ointments and removal of the splitting ends hot scissors, to you will restore former beauty, but if not to maintain it, the former state will very quickly return. What to do?

Ways to recover hair

Fear takes molehills for mountains, so, there is nothing to lower hands and to long. To have smart hair quite really, and for this purpose it is not required to pay the great sums. The main rule – be attentive.

  • Before choosing care products, attentively study structure on the label, check expiration dates. Do not neglect balms. Shampoos on cream basis are suitable for the overdried locks. It is better to buy balms together with masks and to use in turn.
  • Means with natural components with additions of vegetable oils – ideal option for care for the damaged locks.
  • Do not wash the head too often, it is possible to break protective plenochka.
  • As seldom as possible use the hair dryer and the curling iron, use special solutions for protection against high temperatures.

 It is possible to soften hard hair by means of essential oils which are on sale in any drugstore. Naturally, it is not necessary to pour on the head all bottle – necessary solution requires from 2 to 5 drops. Do not wait for fast result – the injured hair slowly are recovered therefore the patience is required. Secret – the is shorter hairstyle, the appearance is tidier. To contain long locks in due look, true art which demands constancy. Liquid crystals became one of the last innovations, – mixing them with shampoos, it is possible to achieve effect much quicker.

House recipes

It is easy to prepare nutritious mask from vegetable herbs: mix 5 g of camomile, nettles, lime leaves from 100 ml of hot water, let's infuse several hours. In the filtered solution pour in egg yolk, add several drops of essential oil or ampoule of vitamin A. Vitamins are on sale in drugstore. Distribute mask on hair easy massage movements, take 60 minutes, wash away water.

Masks from sea-buckthorn, vegetable, linseed oil are very effective. All that is required to be made – to warm up oil to warm state, evenly to distribute on locks and to cover the head. It is possible to add several spoons of honey. It is desirable to do the procedure before going to bed, and to wash away only in the morning.

Mix 2 tablespoons of light beer and sunflower oil. Apply on curls, wash away in half an hour by means of shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team