How to make hairs shiny and smooth

How to make hairs shiny and smooth

Shiny and smooth hairs – dream of each woman. But for various reasons they become dim, tips become dry. Usually these phenomena are observed against the background of hormonal frustration or at the wrong leaving. Giving only 15 minutes a day on leaving, you will notice that hair are filled with vital force and gain healthy gloss.


  1. Wash hair in warm water which temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Too hot water stimulates work of sebaceous glands, and hair begin to become soiled quickly. Wash the head in process of pollution.
  2. Use shampoo which suits your type of hair. If to choose improper, hair will be dry or on the contrary fat.
  3. After washing you apply conditioner on hair, and two times a week use the strengthening mask. But it is worth noticing, the hair care products are more expensive, the result is better.
  4. Buy special oil for hair (serum). You apply it after washing on tips of hair. Oil will strengthen and to protect hair from damages during laying and drying by the hair dryer and also from mechanical damages by hairbrush.
  5. Use wooden hairbrush, and here from plastic or especially metal refuse better. Natural wood smoothes structure of hair and adds them gloss.
  6. For strengthening of roots use burdock oil. You put it before washing of the head for 40 minutes. Rub oil in roots, it not only will strengthen hair, but also will improve their appearance. After holding procedure carefully wash out hair with shampoo use.
  7. Fair hair can be rinsed with camomile broth, and dark nettle broth. Make two teaspoons in 1 liter of boiled water, let's infuse a little, then filter and after washing of the head rinse hair with broth.
  8. Use special sprays for hair. Silicone which adds dazzling gloss to hair is their part.
  9. Do not forget that dim hair can be because of avitaminosis. Accept vitamins and it is balanced eat. Do not abuse the use of nicotine and alcohol.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team