How to make mustache

Mustache decorated men at all times, and in different cultures different shapes of mustache have been recognized. Today mustache often are not only decoration of the man, but also means of transformation of appearance. By means of the correct shape of mustache the man can modify shape of face and hide shortcomings of proportions.


  1. Before choosing shape of mustache, it is necessary to think over well as this form will be combined with features of the man and shape of his nose and also distances between nose, mouth and chin.
  2. In spite of the fact that any hairstyle of mustache demands strictly individual approach, there are several general moments characteristic of all types of persons and all types of mustache. In particular, sharp tips of mustache are thinned out by the sharp razor, and the excessive splendor is removed thinning shears which process bottom edge of mustache.
  3. To make too long mustache is shorter, comb them in the opposite direction – from edges to the center, and then cut off the excess ends.
  4. Often masters use nippers, creating shape of mustache. Use only flat, qualitative nippers having stable heating. Mustache have to be prepared for registration and are leveled by scissors. Comb mustache from the center to the left and to the right.
  5. Having thought over form and type of future mustache, take heated nippers of not too hot temperature their median part, delay from skin aside and give the form. Release the processed edge of mustache and pinch following. For once take nippers small lock of mustache. Give to mustache the form in the direction from the middle in the parties.
  6. If mustache need to be sprained up, nippers slightly turn so that to reel up lock of hair in the direction of growth up.
  7. After the end of heat treatment comb mustache brush and cut off excess hair scissors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team