How to make parting at the side

How to make parting at the side

The usual parting in the middle is attribute of classical hairstyle, but even the most traditional hairstyle will look more originally and more sexually if to create parting at the side on hair. The light asymmetry of strict hairstyle will help to give to your appearance refinement and elegance and also will make shape less official and serious. It is very simple to do hair with parting at the side.


  1. Before doing hair, wash up hair and not for long you dry them under phenom, but not finally dry up to the end. Apply on moist hair mousse or spray for laying, and then comb them and finally dry phenom, continuing to comb hair from top to down wide flat brush, extending them and straightening.
  2. After that accurately divide hair into two parts so that the hair parting has appeared not in the middle, and on the right or at the left. Separate one part of hair from another by means of flat crest with thin and long teeths.
  3. Apply skin for laying and fixing on the hair divided by parting at the side, and then distribute it on all length of hair, using flat metal comb which you planned hair parting. Hair will become more smooth and obedient.
  4. On nape collect hair in tail, at the same time smoothing them that the hairstyle has turned out equal, and the hair parting has not got off. Tie tail elastic band, and then twirl hair around elastic band plait so that the accurate bunch has turned out.
  5. Fill tips of bunch inside under elastic band, and then take invisible hairpins and record bunch from several parties that it kept reliably, and the hairstyle was not scattered. Record the turned-out result by means of varnish for fixing, sprinkling hair at small distance.
  6. Having applied varnish, at once carry out on hair by palms – it will help to distribute it better. Decorate bunch with rhinestones, beautiful hairpin or tape if the hair was done for solemn occasion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team