How to make porous hair smooth

How to make porous hair smooth

Owners of porous hair well know how it is difficult to give tidy and healthy look to curls of this kind. Expensive procedures and cosmetics for luxury hair often allows to achieve smoothness only for a while. However to solve problem of porous hair and to keep result for a long time after all really. For this purpose it is necessary to approach question in a complex.

Porosity hair at the wrong leaving. Also porous type of hair can be genetic heritage, that is – natural type of healthy hair.

Like hair are characteristic for this purpose: dimness and lifelessness, lack of elasticity, dryness, especially on tips. Fault to all scales, leaky adjacent to hair trunk. Through them the natural keratin is washed away. Thanks to open structure the porous hair are easier painted, the pigment on them lays down quicker and more brightly. However it is also quickly washed away from hair therefore this quality of porous hair cannot be considered as advantage.

The paramount task for solution is to create conditions under which scales of hair will densely adjoin to trunk and not to swing open under the influence of moisture, high temperature of the environment and mass of other factors.


Owners of porous hair have to remember that their curl care demands special care.

First of all, it is necessary to pay close attention to shampoos. Porous hair badly react to aggressive components, in particular – the sulfates which are contained in the majority of shampoos. The optimal variant is to wash the head with means without sulfates or children's shampoos. However at least once a week after all it is necessary to wash the hammered cuticle of hair with shampoo of deep cleansing. So the accumulating silicones which contain in means for laying and indelible balms are removed from structure of hair. In spite of the fact that means with silicones give visibility of smoothness, accumulation of these substances in structure of hair inevitably results in fragility and dryness on the ends.

After washing of the head it is recommended to rinse hair with cold water. Such contrast procedure allows to close hair scales.

As for indelible balms, sprays and fluids, for porous hair structures on oily base are optimum. It is necessary to use them accurately not to weight hairstyle, and it is desirable not to put them at roots that the effect of the dirty head was not created.

National recipes

Besides daily leaving, porous hair need regular masks. To seal structure of hair quite often use masks on the basis of gelatin. Preparation of one portion of means will require bag of instant gelatin and glass of cold water. Substance needs to be placed in water and to allow to infuse within half an hour. During this time gelatinous granules will bulk up.

The received structure is kindled on water bath. Small amount of any balm for hair is added to water and after mixing the structure is applied on hair.

It is the best of all to wrap up the head with polyethylene hat. The gelatinous mask in half an hour is washed away. Such mask can be put with frequency once in two weeks.

Besides, porous hair perfectly react to masks on the basis of various oils: burdock, olive, coconut, macadamia.

Professional procedures

Saloon procedures for care for porous hair are available, but often expensive way of fast and long-term giving of smoothness to hair. The keratinirovaniye of hair belongs to such procedures.

This saloon procedure has several versions. So, keritanovy straightening, the Brazilian keratinirovaniye and Asian keratinirovaniye unites use of the structures containing keratin granules. After deep cleaning of hair by means of special shampoo, the structure enriched with keratin under the influence of high temperature literally is sealed in structure of hair, strong soldering scales. And as result – smoothness and silkiness of hair for a period of several months.

The similar result is given by the procedure of lamination of hair which is carried out according to the similar scheme, but with other component structure. Lamination creates the breathing dense cover of each hair that allows to use medical masks and conditioners and also as the additional effect, thickens structure of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team